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Power Of Gratitude

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Power Of Gratitude

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Timestamp: November 14th 2019

Location: Chennai Higher Secondary School

One week before my spiritual mentor Vikram invited me to attend children’s day function on Nov 14th at 1 PM in Chennai government school

On the morning I have called him and asked about the details he told “I am going to teach some memories technique and motivational stuff. Do you have anything in your mind to speak?”

Me: I think I can speak about overcoming fear ( I am little scared whether I need to accept the offer or not. But I accepted!)

Vikram: Okay! you take the overcoming fear part.

(I need to say heart full thanks to Vikram. 2nd time he deployed me in a different environment to improve my public speaking skill.)

While travelling on the bus I watched some overcoming fear motivational videos on youtube.

1. “My story of overcoming fear” tamilindian.

2. “Secret to overcome fears” | Sufi Story Tamil | Hisham.M

We entered into principle’s room, they greeted us, provide some tea and snacks.

Time: 1 PM…

There are two guest one is Vikram and another is chandramolee.

Chandramolee: Every big event like children’s day, independence’s day he will donate 10k to arrange lunch for those school students.

Vikram: With his influence, he is working on the process to get water supply to this school.

Murugaraj: Principle, Even though he is blind he does marvellous works for this school

We have spoken to headmistress and Vikram introduced me that I am involved in NGO’s like LMES, CREW and Alert started teaching basic education, cleanup activity and teaching 1st Aid.

Then the teacher called us to provide food to students.

I took Kesari department(Sweet),

Vikram(brinji) and

Chandramolee(Curd Rice)

Students are lined up and we started to provide food one by one.

I programmed me to say Thank you(Gratitude).

During food distribution without my knowledge, I told Thank You for all the 60-70 students. Many students were asked me “anna!, why you are saying thanks, We need to say thank you right?”.

Me: Yes, then say thanks to the rest of the people who providing you food.

After the lunch session is over again we waited in principle room. headmistress asked our occupations

Vikram- Businessman and social worker
Me- Working IT and Social worker

Children’s Day

The event started they called the Guests(Including me)

(Me: what the heck? Why me? I am just an audience!)

Headmistress you have to come, come on…

So we went to the stage sat on the chair in front of 60-70 students.

Function started…

Students from 6th-8th performed well in drama, dance etc..,
The awesome event it pulls me back to childhood.

They gave complimentary gifts to the guests.
I thought 2 people doing great things for the school. I was happy,

Suddenly they called my name. (I was like what?)

I saw shawl (they used to give it to honour people).

(I don’t know what to do I was extremely embarrassed, I look at Vikram and spoke to him on eye contact (what is the heck going on?) he just blinks his eyes and smiled!.)

I accept the honourable shawl!.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 1.10.00 AM

(my mind voice: Do they think me big spiritual guru or politician bcoz of my long beard)

guests are started to motivate the students with their speech.

My mind was running with those stories How to overcome fear? I was in dead zone(with extreme fear) 

my mind voice: you going to motivate students? how to overcome fear? what if you engulfed with fear!. 

I rethought the story that the same story worked for me. Does my mind go blank then what to do?…

Mindfulness started to trigger my presence of mind…
Now I understood what I need to speak…
My Wisdom showed the path…

Finally, it’s my turn!

Me: Anaivarukum vanakkam(Greetings to all).How was the lunch?.
Students: Awesome! Wonderfull! Tasty!
Me: Apada yarum thoongala(Thank God! no one slept)
Me: I don’t take more than a 5mins. Before that, I need to say thank you
Thank you for the food! Chandramolee
Thank you for this event! Murugaraj
Thank you! Vikram
Thank you! Teachers
Thank you! Students

Let’s start! (looking at students)

Did you notice why? I am saying a lot of thank you?

I am going to speak about Gratitude/Nandri Unnarvu

During food distribution, most of them asked me “Why you saying thank you Instead of you, We need to say thanks to you?”.

Yes, Thank you/ Nandri

When you say “Thank You” it makes you happy at the same time it makes another person happy who received your “Thank You”.

Let’s take an example:(Your house)

Rice… how rice came to your plate.

Mom cooked you meal-> Father gave money to your mom -> Raw rice came from transportation -> Farmers doing agriculture -> Earth creating it.
A little bowl of rice is so precious because it came for this much process. so we need to say “Thank You”.

When you started to say thank you at this age you when you have grown up this practice makes you happy all the time.

2 years before I started saying thank you to my mom was looking hard at me. she told, “this is my happiness why you saying thank you for this?”

later I noticed my mom was happy she felt recognized.

Little things matters.

Many of you travelling by bus after getting a ticket from the bus conductor just say “Thank You with a smile” most of the bus conductor will smile. this little gratitude makes that bus conductor’s whole day happy.

Do it to your mom she will be so much happy.

start now just say

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

I Stopped!

Everyone is silent I don’t know what happened after few second everyone started to applause. Then only I realized I grabbed their attention for a few minutes!.

Another Public speaking mission accomplished

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 1.10.00 AM (1)

Special thanks to Vikram
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-14 at 4.23.41 PM

Psychology Trick:

Little Things matters, Make it so simple!

  1. Without my Conscious, I Implanted “Thank you”: word to their mind while distributing the food
  2. I applied “how to overcome fear method to make my mind calm and peace”
  3. Mindfulness triggers my presence of mind to find the content
  4. I took the reference “Thank you” word from food distribution session
  5. On my intro speech, I just invoke their attention by asking “How was the lunch?”
  6. Joke: “Thank God! no one slept” I made them concentrate on me
  7. I told my experience and referenced real-life examples.
  8. Then what they need to do next.


Thank you for reading
“Believe In Force”

What’s your Reaction?

5 thoughts on “Power Of Gratitude

  1. Thank You Prabhu For taking me there your speech was awesome indeed, The way you explained everything in your writings just brought the whole scenario and event into my eyes and imagination . I usually thank everything that includes nature, supernatural, living and nonliving , i am sure the children enjoyed your story and the minute things that you mentioned for example ” how was the food ” dialogue to students to find out whether they are listening and “saying thanks to mom for preparing food” makes me understand your understanding of this very existence. keep up your great work. Take us through your every exploration through writing we are exploring it along with you while reading.

    Best Regards,
    V S Vigneshwari

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