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Graduated in ALERT-VoICE “First Responder”

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Graduated in ALERT-VoICE “First Responder”

Timestamp: April 27th 2019


Why did I decide to become a First Responder?

One day my friend requested me to do a little favour. he roused his foot, he had a little injury on the top and told me to put bandaid on the area.

I put the knot but the problem is it’s on the sole. it made him little uncomfortable to walk. he doesn’t say anything rather than ‘thank you’.

This little event made me think about the essential skill. I have a certain responsibility, I need to learn basic 1st aid. So that I am able to take care of myself and my circle. I searched for any coaching centre nearby location. after a long search, Someone posted in quora about Alert SimLab, Neelankarai beach 

Little Information about ALERT NGO

We have recently entered into the 14th year. through our journey



#1 Seminar(2 Hrs)
#2 Workshop(2 Days)
#3 Assessment at Apollo(2 Hrs)
#4 Graduation(1 Hrs)

About the Place:

Peaceful ambience, beautiful garden, People are very friendly, Classrooms were excellent, High quality and costly gadgets for simulation lab.


#1 Seminar

I went there to attend 2 hrs seminar which is addressed by Dileep Gedela.


He is a legend he responded more than 55 emergency cases.
That 2 hours became an eye-opening to me. he broke down the myth and revealed the reality. What Do’s and Doesn’t In case of an emergency and also told about the importance of becoming a First Responder

More information please check out my 1st blog link below.
First Aid workshop @ALERTSIMLAB

After 1 month I joined ALert VoICE 2 days workshop

#2 Workshop

Day #1

Teacher: Karthik Venkatesan
Attitude: Cool and humorous
Experience: 10 years of empowering people in 1st aid and 1st responder

Theory Sessions

#1 What is CAB(Circulation – Airway- Breathing)?
#2 Metabolism of Heart
#3 What is the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack.
#4 Types of fire burn and how to handle victims
#5 What to do in case of snakebite?
#6 When to control slow down or speed up our blood circulation

Practical Sessions

#1 How to approach the victim?
#2 How to perform Recovery Position to the victim?
#3 How to do CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation)?
#4 How to use AED(automated external defibrillator)?

Day #2

Teacher: Nikil Immanuvel
Attitude: Curious and enthusiastic
Experience: Empowered 5000+ people and Indian Army Aspirant


Practical Sessions

#1 Choking(people, pregnant women and babies) – How to release people from choking practical explanation with the use of Mannequin
#2 Epilepsy(seizure) -(video explanation) What to do’s and don’t
#3 Stroke– (video explanation) FAST Method(check out in google)
#4 Broken Bone– how to wrap up the hands and legs
#5 Basic FIRST AID and also taught about how to lift the victim carefully with various injuries


They gave 2 scenarios and told us to perform in the situations. they corrected our mistakes and gave advice on how should we need to perform in reality.

#3 Assessment at Apollo

Event Handler: Neelagandan
Attitude: Smile and Joy
Experience: Years of experience in Event handling and promoting Alert


We went to apollo hospital. We listen to the speech from one of a doctor in the emergency ward and we performed CPR in front of him and we have written little assessment test.


#4 Graduation

Finally, I graduated in a huge ceremony and become a member of Alert Family 🙂

They gave me 1st aid kit, reflector jacket, 1-year validity Good samaritan Alert-VoICE Card.


Follow the below link for booking
Alert NGO


Thank you for reading,
“Believe In Force”

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