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What A Drag!

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What A Drag!

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Timestamp: Sep 22, 2019, 8 PM

Today I went to T Nagar to buy trekking shoes(Shoes which has a hard sole)
I searched for an individual shoe showroom Sreeleathers, woodland. unfortunately, my leg size is “10” employee told me for your leg size trekking shoes not available in our store. I searched for the Woodland store has vanished.
Then I saw an old brand and completely reliable store in any area. Bata yes for 90s kids Bata is the only top brand, quality and long-lasting and royal brand in our my childhood itself. In my school day if money is less we buy shoes in the metro shop when we have enough money we buy it in Royal Store “Bata”.
I bought a pair of trekking shoes and one pair of belt slipper
I asked the employee name is Nizamuddin(Training to remembering names)

[TO Readers] hey! hey! vekar vekar! enga poringaa…?

The story is not ended above content is my side quest main quest written below with a warning sign!


The Main Quest contains little psychology, emotional intelligence and Win-Win Motto and lustrous.

I am so lusty,
For that one, that one thing, I am waited for so long to eat!
I want to gobble that, I want to bite that, chew that!!!

Where are you? Why are you hiding from me?

I searched it in old Saravana store no not there, then I look straight and saw “saravana selvarathinam” smiling at me giving me hope to fulfil my impulse.

I went to “saravana selvarathinam store” Visited the basement.

I was stunned, Yes! Yes!
I found you thank you force thank you so much.

Itchi! Litchi! Litchi!

I saw a bunch of litchi fruit in the basket it was too tempting I grabbed one. When I start to peel I looked at the price
1 kg 160rs What? 160rs?
the fun part is I don’t know whether 160rs price is a high or reasonable price. I don’t have experience in buying veggies or fruits.

I thought to call my mom but there is no signal in my mobile inside the basement.

So I thought to go to the ground floor to make a call.bcoz of urge I took one Litchi with me to taste while speaking to my mom.

Suddenly one voice stopped me from behind
Unknown Female Voice: Sir, please put that litchi in the basket.
[That one sentence hits my nerve, I turn around and stand in front of her]
Me: I need to taste this sample if I don’t taste it how can I buy? (🀨raised my voice little bit bcoz of embarrassment which leads to anger😠)
She: Sorry, If you taste it without buying I need to pay for it.
Me: Okay!
[I put it in the basket and walked towards ground floor]

After a few minutes thing about my embarrassment

I decided to go back and buy the litchi fruit again bcoz my mind told “Embarrassment is merely an emotion, GO BACK break the Shyness”

About the Price!

Okay! I need to discuss this with professionals

I used my Lifeline “Call My Mom”
Ringing and ringing she picked the call but she was on the travel so she didn’t hear my outcry!

I used another Lifeline “Call/msg My Non-Biological Sister”
Not answered, Sent msg->replied soon.
Me: Litchi kg 160rs vangalama?
She: I don’t even know what is litchi?
Me: Litchi Fruit?
She: No idea! if you have doubt buy it for hf Kg.
Me: Okay!

What the heck? What to do Now?

Ho okay, I will deal this on my own.

I went to the basement again and grabbed the handfull of litchi darling with me and put it in the basket and went in front of the same girl who embarrassed me.
(let’s call her Marker girl)

She told 1 kg 160rs you needed hf kg right? amount is 80rs
she writes a handwritten note and marked 16/50= 8 and gave it to me.

I went near the billing counter, another girl put the bill and gave it to the cashier.

Cashier Girl: [Shocked!] Hey, you stupid [gently hit the billing girl]. you put the bill for 8rs!
[Marker Girl came]
Marker Girl: Ho my gosh! It is my mistake instead of 160/50 =80rs I put 16/50=8rs I am so sorry!
[Cashier Girl Scold both of them in a friendly manner and told billing girl to put the bill for 72rs and for 8rs we will escalate it]
Cashier Girl: the price is 72rs sir?
[I paid 72rs and gave 20rs to cashier it is okay that is the amount I need to pay there is no need for escalation. she smiled and gave 12rs return and gave a bill for 72 and 8rs]
Cashier Girl: [shouted again] why you didn’t put 80rs on the 1st place itself?
Billing Girl: Okay! Now I put 80rs bill[she billed for 80rs again]
[Cashier girl and I both literal think “is she insane?”]
Cashier girl: [nervous]
[she doesn’t know what to do now, because 80rs becomes big escalation it will affect her salary too and creates bad image ]
Me: It’s okay I will buy fruits for that 80rs bill also?
Cashier girl: Thank you for your concern sir, No worries we will take care.
Me: It’s okay I need to buy some more fruit so I will cover-up
[after 3-4 tries I convinced her]
Cashier Girl: Really?[excitement]
Me: Yes[formal smile]

I went and grabbed some of the seethapazham (custard apples) and Berikai(Pears) and Paid 80rs again.
Total billed amount: 8+72+80 =160rs!

Before going out I took one litchi in my hand and spoke in my mind
“This little litchi doubled my expenses from 80 to 160rs”
It is okay finally I am going taste that divine taste again!
I pealed the outer layer carefully and I saw whitish fruit inside.
I bite the cheek of the fruit…

hmmm…hmmm… Mmmmm!

That juicy liquids filled my taste buds and sent signals to create happiness chemicals.

My mood changed from neutral to happiness

Don’t think I am a good person it is Win-Win situation if there is nothing for me I won’t speak up in the 1st place. I understood the situation, I felt spending extra 80rs won’t shake me that too I am going to buy extra fruits for my health but for her, it is an important amount.

Note :
Why marker girl did a mistake in calculation?. I think without my knowledge my temper spread negative vibration to marker, billing and cashier girls 😨😨😨 to resolve that karma makes me pay 160rs. I need to be careful!🧐

I went to my house my mom was there asked me how much I told 160rs. Suddenly, I felt something sinister going to happen to me😢😐. my mom went a few steps back. Charged towards me like a jallikattu kalai(storming bison) and Put at Stone cold stunner on me!


Ha ha.. I Just cooked up!

I told what happened there and gave the fruit bag. she looked at custard apples and told: ” You don’t even know how to figure out the right one?”
Me: You are a big disclaimer πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚

Haha … funny day!


Thank you for reading,
“Believe In Force”

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