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The Secret of the Nagas

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The Secret of the Nagas

Shiva Trilogy 2

The main core of the book is “Being different is not Evil, Evil raises when people thoughts corrupted their Insights”

After the Victory of Swadweep plot travels around each part of capitals around the region.

Shiva started to gather more faithful companions and understand the different way of people life.

The author also narrated how the deep-rooted caste system creates a lot of problems.

The way the author portrays the beauty of Kashi.

Intriguing and horrify stories
Secret of nagas

Fearsome battles

Magnificent Sentence:

#1 Have Faith in the one person that loves you the most: Yourself

#2 You don’t have to live with others karma. you have to live with your own karma

#3 I Don’t believe anything till I have seen the proof. for anything without proof, I think we should believe the theory that gives us peace. It doesn’t matter the theory is true or not

#4 Opposite of love is not hatedHate is just love gone bad. The actual opposite of love is apathy. When you don’t care a damn as to what happens to the other person.

#5 Desire

Desire is the root cause of all suffering, all destruction

Desire created attachment.attachemt to this world. When you don’t get what you want or get what you don’t want, it leads to suffering. This lead to anger. And that to violence and wars. which finally results in destruction.

If you want to avoid destruction and suffering, you should control your desires.

Give up Maya, the illusion of this world

Desire is the root cause of creation.

“You can’t destroy anything that has not been created”

“Anything that has been created, has to be destroyed at some point in time”

“That is the purpose of desire. It is for creation and destruction. It is the beginning and the end of a journey. Without desire, there is nothing’


Thank you for Reading,
“Believe In Force”

Post note:
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