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Children Observe and Learn!

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Children Observe and Learn!

I love to narrate the #3 Story of @former_Prophet a.k.a “Ell”

Our unsung hero of the story, up to 12th std schooling he studied in state board he doesn’t even use to wear shoes.
for a few months, he worked as a clerk in a shoe store to earn the sum of money to pay an initial fee to join in the Arts college.

One day he attended a special customer

5 years old kid roaming here and there. he is constantly monitored by his father. His father told to Ell ‘We came here to buy a pair of shoes to my kid’
Ell bent down to that little kid and told

Ell: Welcome! Sir enna mari shoes pakka poringa?
(What kind of shoes you looking for?)

Kid: Hmmm! I need that one!

he pointed the casual shoe with lace. Ell picked one from the shoe rack.
Bring in front of the kid, hold his heel gently and started to wear the shoe on his foot.
Next part is, he needs to put on shoelace!
He trying for more than 5 min to put on the shoelace he unable to figure out any strategy every time it leads to failure.

Kid and father staring at him…

Ho anna ungaluku lace epdi katrathu theriyalaiya?
(Ho brother you don’t know how to put on lace?)
Hmm!… Seri…Okay!
Na ungaluku solitharen epdi lace podrathunu.. okay va?
(I will teach you how to put on lace okay?)

[Ell, shooks his head]

Kid: 1st intha lace edge ipdi pudichikanum okay va. aparam apdi potu ipdi podanum
(1st we have to hold the lace edge like this and we have to twist and turn it and finally, we put on the lace)
Tada!!! Mudinchidiche!

Ell well learnt how to put on lace from the 5 years old kid, he admired him. that kid becomes a teacher to Ell on that day.
Ell looked at kid’s fathers face. It was gleaming with pride!

My Understanding:
Children learn from parents activity. that little kid’s father thought him how to put on lace with a sweet and kind manner. likewise, that kid imitating his father’s behaviour. Without his knowledge that little kid becomes a teacher to Ell.

Schooling in state board no one demands you to wear shoes.
Working in shoestore he bought laceless shoes because of no one there for him to teach how to put on lace.
Until that day!.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.- by Buddha


Thank you for ready,
“Believe In Force”

Post note:
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