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Maths Helped Me!

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Maths Helped Me!

Some parents can’t afford or they don’t know the value of providing proper education to their children. Due to poverty, some children awaken in an earlier stage of life and they strongly believe in educating themself is the only way to come of poverty.

I love to narrate the #2 Story of @former_Prophet

After 12th he joined in BCA regular course with is own savings(worked in part-time jobs).

After college hours he worked in a textile store to save a sum of money for his next semester, dress, morning and afternoon food etc..,

He was with his parents and stayed in a rented house. But deep down he felt he is only living there for shelter and dinner.

While working in a textile store
Time 3 PM – 10 PM he got monthly 2000r-3000rs.

Due to a lot of people searching for part-time work. his job was always at risk. If he lost his job he will lose his education fund and no one there to help him.

He needs to prove himself that he is an extraordinary worker to that textile store owner to save his neck.

He thought where to improve himself
1. Punctual? Ans- everyone is punctual
2. Hard-working? Ans- everyone doing it
3. Show Kindness to the customers? Ans-Similiar

What to do? how to impress my owner?

haaa! Got it!

He observed each and every worker and store owner there is only one calculator in the store often there will be a discount sale in their store and workers always depend on that calculator even his owner search for the calculator to convey accurate price amount. this time delay irritates all the customers.

@former_Prophet found out the chance to prove himself he started to work on rapid mind calculation and also drove one technique.

Discount: 40%
Product Price: 500rs
100%-40%=60% let take it is 6.
500 let take it is 5
6*5=30 add extra 0
Ans= 300rs

Cool I will give more examples

Discount: 30%
Product Price: 1500rs
100%-30%=70% let take it is 7.
1500 lets split it into 10 and 5
70+35=105 add extra 0
Ans= 1050rs

Discount: 60%
Product Price: 1199rs
100%-60%=40% let take it has 4.
1199 lets add +1=1200
1200 lets split 10 and 2
40+8=48 add extra 0
Ans= 480 -1=479rs

When he started to execute his technique customers got their answers instantly. his fellow workers and owner were impressed with his intellect.


Thank you for reading
“Believe In Force”

Post note:
If you love to reread those #1 and #3 story post about @former_Prophet. I am happy to share 🙂
#1 Colours of Love!
#3 Children Observe and Learn!

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