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Colours of Love!

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Colours of Love!

1 year before my frnd Former_prophet(nickname) shared his life experience
I found it is too interesting I love to share this to my beloved readers

I love to bring all my readers inside the scene like we are going to hide somewhere and watch the scene silently.

4 characters/Short form
Former_Prophet – Ell
Street food cart Vendor(kaiyendhi bhavan) – Anna
We call him Monk/society calls him Insane – Monk(Age: 47)
Homeless Grandma stays beside temple – Grandma


Let’s GO!

It was a Friday night! Weekend!. Ell was so bored to visit his house. So he planned to visit thiruvanmiyur beach. he got the bus went there and sat on the beach shore alone and thinking about the existence of life, What is my purpose? what is an illusion? what is a reality? etc..,

His stomach was rumbling with noise! Ell understood ho! it is dinner time!

Time: 9:15 PM

He came out from the shore and saw a street food cart vendor near the platform and also he saw 4 chairs placed in front of the cart for the customers. he went there eat 4 idlis (1 idli – 6 rs * 4 =24rs).

While eating idli he saw a man sitting near the platform silently.
His appearance is he wearing very old clothes and dusty torn shirt and pant, unshaved beard and unwashed scalp hairs. he looks like he didn’t bathe for many months. (Rest of the post we address him, Monk)
[I am not sure about above character appearance falls under judgement if you think is it judging others by appearance please inform me I will correct it from upcoming posts because what I was trying is boosting your imagination for below content]

One person crossed him and donated 10rs even though he didn’t beg. He put the 10rs inside his pocket.

Ell, after finished his idli he gave 24 rs to shop vendor and started to walk toward beach shore While crossing the Monk his intuition told him to talk to him.

Ell Turned his course and walked directly towards the monk and sat beside him on the platform.

Ell: (tapped Monk’s shoulder) what is your name?
Monk: Silence!
Ell: Where you from?
Monk: Silence!
Ell: Do you need something to eat? ( with the universal hand gesture for eating, raised his right hand and made all the finger narrow and gestured like eating food moved his hand up and down)
Monk: (Looked at him) Smile
Ell put his right hand on Monk’s right shoulder like a close friend and started to walk towards the street food vendor shop.

Suddenly monk murmuring something in Kanada(wild guess) and started to pic all plastic bottles littered on the road and put it into the near dustbin.

On Ell Mind: I thought he is going to keep this for water storage. But he is helping society

Walking further they have reached the little temple, they saw an old woman begging for money. Monk went near her and picked two 10rs note(one note is a few hours before donated to him and another note he already he has one) donated 20rs.
Grandma accepted his charity, thought for a minute and came back to us and returned 20rs to him and told ” keep this money for your next meal”
Monk accepts the money and put it in the pocket.

They finally reached the street cart vendor.

Ell: what you want?
Monk: No reply
Ell: (street cart vendor) anna, could you please give 4 idly?
(street cart vendor) Anna: takeaway or going to eat here?
[looked at Monk]
Monk: No reply
Anna: he always gets the package and went somewhere, sit comfortably to eat the food, he won’t prefer to sit here.
Monk: [Nodded]
Ell: Okay! anna pack 4 idlies
Ell looking that anna how much idlies he was packing he packed 7 idlies instead of 4 and gave it to him
Ell gave 50rs to anna, Anna returned 20rs back.
Ell: Anna I know how much idlies you packed instead of 4, So take an appropriate amount
Anna: Its okay pa! Take it!

Ell was surprised and gave the package to the monk and went to the beach.

Colours of LOVE!
In this post, we can understand the different measures of love in the form of respect, equality, good karma, positive vibes, sharing, social activity and selflessness.

My point of view
I will explain what thoughts running inside their mind at that situation.

He is down to the earth person. He always felt everyone is equal.
He always doesn’t judge anyone with their appearance.

Because of this attitude, he directly went to the monk and put a hand on his shoulder and became so friendly

He tethers all the earthly attachment and became sadhu/monk.he don’t even care about him. if he got the money he will eat or else he will sleep somewhere.

Even though he didn’t take care of him
#1 we grabbed the plastic bottle on the road and put it inside a dustbin(I don’t know how many people do this?)
#2 he gave all his amount 20rs to grandma sat beside the temple
Because he thought anyway Ell going to buy him food so he gave that amount to a needy person.

The moment she receives 20rs from the monk. she understood her mistake gave the amount back to the monk.

Money always makes us greedy even though we have good food and everything.
when we think about homeless people each and every penny is precious for them!.
When she saw 20rs she accepted that, but after she understood already ate her dinner and also for her chances are higher someone will donate money but for our monk, it is very rare because of his appearance, so she came back gave the money and told “keep this money for your next meal”

Anna(Street food cart vendor):
observed the Ell’s good intension so he has thought he should also be the part of his Good karma so he added extra 3 idlies on the whole 7 idlies and instead of 42rs he only accepted 30rs from Ell.


Reality is so much different than social media and television!

Positive mindset always creates a positive chain reaction.

There are good in all the people we need to see them with the love and positive mindset


Thank you for reading
“Believe In Force”

Post note:
If you love to reread those #2 and #3 story post about @former_Prophet. I am happy to share 🙂
#2 Maths Helped Me!
#3 Children Observe and Learn!

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