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This too shall pass

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This too shall pass

After a long time, I am going to share about my alien friend Ak_Skinner

This person is hard to spot in anywhere, some people call him a ghost, some people even don’t know he exists. He always lurks in shadows but he will observe every movement of yours. he erased all his social media information and he doesn’t like taking pictures of him.

Haha! Cool! Cool! Cool!

he is not like that much mysterious but reading this post even further you will understand what I am trying to communicate!

We are at the same age but his perspective of seeing this world is so much different from the common.

Every time he visits my house and shares his life experience each story are purely different from one another. I thought not only he is an alien his friends too!

But soon I realized he was being himself without Wearing a mask. Because when your mind becomes broad you able to sense the unique traits of the people.

I always had a doubt his stories are cooked up? how people from his stories are so unique?

These stories are too much different and interesting year-long back I have written series of 7 posts about his way of experiencing life (if you people interested please go through my link at the end of this post).

3 things I learnt from him
1. Don’t judge people
2. Keen Observation
3. Emotional Intelligence

He is the guy with “This too shall pass” attitude.

One day he told the story about his grandfather.

His grandfather was illiterate but he is Wiseman and tells a lot of self-improvement stories. Skinner was so much attached to him.


One day his grandfather present him lighter.
Quote written in that lighter is “this too shall pass”.

He looked at grandpa and asked, “what is this?”.
He told “We have to approach the life the way written in this quote. In one situation you feel rejoicing happiness and another situation you feel deep sorrow. If you stuck with either of it you unable to face reality. always remember this quote
“Nothing is permanent”.

After a few years his grandfather was passed away he was in a depression he lost his only best friend. he went to the beach alone staring at the breaking waves. Put the hand on his pant pocket took the lighter out.

Read the quote “this to shall pass”

He throws the lighter into the sea and went home never look back.

Then later he realized his grandfathers quote directly went inside his unconscious mind.

He became a neutral guy!

Series of 7 posts about Ak_skinner

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Thank you for reading
“Believe In Force”