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The CREW NGO’s Urapakkam Pond Cleanup Activity

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The CREW NGO’s Urapakkam Pond Cleanup Activity

Timestamp: Sunday,30-Jun-2019 Location: URAPAKKAM POND

Happy to visit this pond after a year because we planted tree saplings around the pond now it grows 2-3 feet tall.

This time we went for pond clean up activity, people don’t know what they are doing they are using pond like a garbage dump. lack of environmental education they are doing huge mistake and also big blunder is our government corporation messed up the rainwater reservoir track with sewage track it polluting the pond little by little.

This pond depth is 30feet which is also the home for various fishes which can grow 0.7-1 feet and also feeding & resting place for various distance travelling birds.

Every locale people need to understand we only have one planet to live. If we don’t awake this impact will hit our next generation so hard.

The CREW NGO Taking a lot of control measure to save pond, planting and maintaining tree saplings. We are facing heavy people shortage. that is why it takes a lot of time to complete the works.


Every weekend we are planning to do environmental activity interested people please reach out Hari – 9600083029 for further details


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