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Tamil Pokkisham Meetup

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Tamil Pokkisham Meetup

Timestamp: 17-Feb-2019 2.30 PM

I earned precious 2 hrs at the Tamil Pokkisham youtube channel Chennai meetup

Meet Mr.Vickneswaran Owner Of emerging youtube channel பொக்கிஷம்


29-year-old rising YouTuber with 4L(Approx) subscribers Mr.Vicky…
After I attend his meetup I realised he is a genuine, humble and transparent person with his mindful videos he attracted a lot of people to visit him in his 1st Meetup, I saw the crowd of 70-80 members came to see Mr.Vicky…

Mr.Vicky told, “even I didn’t believe my own eyes!”

Tamil Pokkisham Team: Mr & Mrs Vickneswaran

When I listen to Vicky’s Love story, It was like I am experiencing Movie, Vicky and Mrs.Vicky faced a lot of struggle and finally get married
(refer Meetup and Who Am I? Videos)

Youtube Channel management

Both of them work in editing videos

Vicky’s Role:
Content Selection(Read all viewers comments and pick the topic based on his inner intuition)
Content Creation(Books, digital books, websites, even other language websites)
Video Recording

Mrs.Vicky’s Role:
Background and thumbnail image selection

Family & Professional life
Vicky(Diploma in EEE, B.Sc(CS), pursuing M.Sc(CS)),
Working in a software company for the past 9 years with his dedication and hard work towards his job he was promoted to team leader.
If the project is too critical and close to the deadline, they gave this kind of project to Vicky, Vicky’s managing and proactive skills make their subordinates to work more productively to finish before the deadline.

He told in my school days I love to become a teacher, bcoz of the family situation my passion change to become a software engineer, After long years of a struggle now I am doing both
“Via youtube, I became a teacher and In my professional life I became a software engineer”


All-rounder taking care of Vicky, little champion and whole family management

At the ending of meetup event, Vicky was surrounded by (10-20) people, taking a picture and sharing their thoughts for his each video

I Observed his wife Mrs.Vicky standing alone and watching Vicky speaking with the crowd, I saw her face, she was so proud and excited, her expression itself speaking
“Long struggle and sleepless night finally you receiving rewards!!!”

I approached her and started to ask questions

How are you handling Mr.Vicky? bcoz, for some topic he takes 2-3 days to prepare and create a video, it gets very few views at that time he will break down, how you boost him?

I always give him mental support,
“It’s Okay! It’s Okay!, everything happing for good, soon everyone will recognize”

And she continued…

Some sensitive topics Vicky started to cry in the middle of recording, that topic’s incident affects him mentally.
I sit beside him during editing the video and I told him to cut some video clips, We don’t want to show our grieve in front of the public, you created this video to bring change in society, you should be strong!

I felt there is an invisible navel card (unconditional love) between Mr.Vicky and Mrs.Vicky, Then only I understood Vicky’s source of power is Mrs.Vicky who gives him momentum to raise consistently with his unbending will power

During the event

I gained valuable contacts, we shared Healthy discussion and lot of valuable information and new topics to cover, each person are specialised in many skills and gave a lot of ideas to improve the Tamil Pokkisham and Live healthy life

The person I have noticed

Vikram- Running own cloud computing company, resourceful talk about the trickle-down economics, he collaborates with a lot of Ngo’s to serve this society and he creates own agenda in his company he allocated some percentage of job allocation for transgenders.

Lakiman narayan– Specialist in google analytic and shared thoughtful ideas to boost Tamil Pokkisham to reach more audience

Bharath Ram– Socialist and Emerging astrologist

Alphones – the owner of Aliens Photography studio, he bought a new camera and he thought it is a good deed to take a 1st picture and video to cover the Tamil Pokkisham meet up.

Another member (forgot his name)– businessman hardcore Tamil Pokkisham fan, told us advice on how to bring natural and health food in the city and how to develop our own health products and he also clearly explained about how typical family man think when he going to take a big decision

***The resolution we make on that day…***

*Stop using White Sugar*

The alternative product we going to use panai vellam(Jaggery),nattu sakkarai,panang kalkandu(Palm sugar),karupatti(Palm Jaggery).

I accepted the challenge!!!


Stop using foreign brand paste

We going to use Gopal Palpodi and other natural paste

Also, Vicky discussed his future plans, He going to announce publicly within 3 months…

I am so glad to attend this meetup…

Looking forward to attending more meetups in future…

I am Damn Sure Tamil Pokkisham going to reach 1M subscribers within few months

Video Link – here


Thanks for reading,
“Believe In Force”

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  1. I have searching about him all over the internet. Finally, J reached here. You have summarised all the informations I need. Thank you for sharing this.

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